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BuildServer with TypeMock 4.1, NCover 1.5.8 and AutoDeploy

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I'm getting a "Profiler: NCover is not recognized or not installed on your machine There are no recognized profilers" error message when running the build on our WS 2003 Build Server.

I am trying to use the AutoDeploy feature and have thus not installed NCover or TypeMock on the build server. If I understand your documentation correctly, I should be able to get this working without physically installing the tools. What I am doing wrong? Here are the MSBuild scripts I am using:

<TypeMockRegister Company="Sanlam" License="xxxxxxxxxxx" AutoDeploy="true"/>

      <TypeMockStart Target="2.0"
                     ProfilerLaunchedFirst="true" />

          CommandLineArgs="$(DOUBLE_QUOTES)%(TestAssemblies.FullPath)$(DOUBLE_QUOTES) /nologo"

      <TypeMockStop Undeploy="true"/>

Thanking you in advance
asked Dec 16, 2007 by cjlotz (2,960 points)

2 Answers

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In order to use typemock linking ability with ncover wthout installng ncover, youll need to manually register the ncover dll using your build scripts.

The details can be found in this thread

Yiuy were right however that this was not updated iun the documentation thank you for pointing this out. Ill make sure that it will be in our next release.

In any case let me know if this helped you solve the issue.
answered Dec 17, 2007 by lior (13,220 points)
0 votes
Thanks - that resolved the issue.
answered Dec 17, 2007 by cjlotz (2,960 points)