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TypemockComic, SergeTheCat, C++, CAT, programming skills

Fluent in C++ and CAT

The New Hire for C++ Have you ever brought your pet to work? In our latest comic, the company is…

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fear, loathing, legacy code

Fear and Loathing in Legacy Code

For people in leadership, legacy code typically has a fairly straightforward interpretation.  It’s the stuff in your application portfolio that…

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Unit Testing the Hard Stuff

Given the nature of my work, I discuss unit testing with a lot of different organizations.  Sometimes they’re in the…

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What Refactoring Is and Is Not

I bet you’ve heard something like this before.  Some developer somewhere says something like, “We should just take three dedicated…

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Legacy Code, Programmer, Defining, Definition

Defining Legacy Code

Last night I realized that strangely enough, we are the only profession that can take a positive word like ‘legacy’…

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