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Partners and Consultants

We are proud to have a thriving relationship with our consultants and partners.

If you’d like to become a consultant or a partner click here.


Matthew Heusser

Matthew Heusser has been developing, testing, and managing software projects for his entire adult life.

The principal consultant for Excelon Development, Matt is also a contributing editor for STQA Magazine and sits on the board of directors for the Association for Software Testing.

In 2010 Matt was selected to participate in the American Society for Quality’s “Influential Voices” program, a national-level spotlight program.

You can often find Matt at software testing conferences. He has given presentations at Google’s Test Automation Conference, STAREast, the Software Test Professionals Conference, the Better Software Conference, and many more.

Partha Mandayam

Dynamic result-oriented IT professional with extensive experience in managing projects, collaborating with project teams, interfacing with clients, and deploying high quality code using unit testing to build successful solutions for several top US customers, including Fortune 500 customers.

Developed several cutting-edge ASP.NET websites for top Fortune 500 US Clients.

In addition to being a full-stack .Net developer, Partha also has experience in test automation using Java, Selenium and Testcomplete.

Martin Ku

Typemock Certified

Martin is experienced with software testing as a project lead and engineer. He helped Asia's top music streaming company improve testing with automation & machine learning (ML).

He created test automation for a complex bonus system used by Taiwan’s biggest duty-free company. Graduating from NTU (#1 in Taiwan), he learned software engineering & testing under an ex-Google Tech Lead who created the Android Compiler and won Google’s highest honor the Founders’ Award.

With ML expertise, he won the world championship with others in a leading data mining competition and provided ML patent for a top networking company from Silicon Valley with 40+ million network devices sold.

2 Proven Ways to Gain Confidence in Your Code

Your project is taking too long? You have no idea if your code is good or not? You can change it!

Join us as we discuss:
* How to gain code confidence.
* Code Coverage- why do you need it, how to measure and increase it.
* Suggest - How to work alongside automated test generator.



MicroWay is the distributor of award-winning software development tools and focused on assisting customers in the Australia & New Zealand region.

We specialize in compilers, components, test/debugging, installation packaging and other software that enables software developers, testers and related professionals to produce high quality software solutions for their clients.

Cotigo Software

COGITO was established in the year of 2000. Since then, we have worked closely with over 2,000 resellers and have established relationships with local retail outlets and online shops.

We have over 40,000 users within mainland China, many are from enterprise companies, government agencies and educational institutions.

Want to join us as a consultant or a partner?

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