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The Complete Unit Testing Mocking Solution for .NET

From mocking to coverage to automated test suggestions

Benefits for .NET Developers

MockEverything unit testing

Mock Everything

Mock statics, private, constructors, events, linq, ref args, live, future, static constructors.

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suggest unittesting typemock

Automatic Tests Suggestions

Our Suggest feature creates automated test suggestions suitable for your code.

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Save Precious Time

Our Smart Runner will run only your impacted tests and get you super fast feedback.

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Code coverage unit test

Instant Code Coverage

Our coverage feature displays your code coverage in your editor while you code.

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NoNeedToChangeYourCode typemock

No Need to Change Your Code

Write tests without changing your code! Even legacy code. 

CleanerCode unit testing

Cleaner Code

Improve your code integrity and deliver quality code.
CleanerCode unit testing

Sleek API

Fake entire object models with a single statement. 

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How To Write Tests Without Changing Your Code

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More Code Examples

You will need to set up a unit test project first. You will also find examples you can run under the installation directory of Typemock.


Isolator works with any .NET technology 

-Typemock integrates with all leading build servers-

Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS)



Final Builder

-Typemock also integrates with code coverage and profiling tools-









ExactMagic TestMatrix

MSTest Code Coverage (Visual Studio and Team System)

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