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The #1 Unit Testing & Mocking Solution for C++

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Benefits for C++ Developers

No Need to Change Your Code

Write tests without changing your code! Even legacy code. 

Mock Anything

Static methods, private methods, non-virtual methods, out parameters and even members and fields.

It's Free for Life!

Our Professional edition is free for developers around the world. We also have paid support package.

Works with Windows & Linux

Suitable for Windows & Linux.
Works with Gmock and all known unit test frameworks

Cleaner Code

Improve your code integrity and deliver quality code.

Sleek API

Fake entire object models with a single statement. 

Great Community

Join our community to learn tips and tricks.

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Compatible with major test runners, including CppUnit, GoogleTest, Boost, UnitTest++ and Catch2

Has been tested with VS 2019, including VS 2017, VS 2015, VS 2013 VS 2010 and VS 2005

Works on Windows 32 and 64 bit with Microsoft VC compilers

Tested on Linux distributors as CentOS, Fedora, openSuse, Ubuntu, Debian

Works with gcc/g++ 4.8.5 and later and Clang 3.3


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Bullseye - BullseyeCoverage


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