Typemock – Enabling Agile Developers

Typemock was conceived in 2005 to lower the barriers of adoption of Agile practices for developers, by making unit testing easier. Since the Typemock Isolator first launched in 2006, thousands of developer teams around the world have used Typemock’s tools to embrace unit testing made-easy, prevent bugs and save valuable time. The Isolator product line is used by developers from a wide range of sectors – such as military, medical, and financial – that demand exceptionally high standards of quality and have no margin for error.

Mission Statement

Typemock’s mission is to lead the progression towards making unit-testing and mocking universal best-practices within the developer community. Typemock has become the go-to resource for unit-testing and mocking expertise by helping to make the development cycles more efficient and error-free and by fostering a global community dedicated to this goal.

Through a commitment towards universal adoption and product enhancement, Typemock is leading a relentless drive towards a more efficient ongoing development process through persistent, continuous and automated testing.

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Here are some examples of companies that have embraced Unit Testing with Typemock’s Isolator: