Company Profile


Typemock provides unit testing tools to developers worldwide. We are passionate about helping developers, giving them the easiest and best tools to ensure code integrity!

At Typemock, we are committed to developing software that delivers the benefits of quick and easy unit testing to .NET and C++ developers around the globe – making sure you get quality code with the minimum amount of debugging and maximizing your efficiency.

Dedicated to creating innovative solutions for easy unit testing, Typemock’s vision is to share the significant advantages of unit testing, overcome the historical difficulties, and make unit testing accessible and simple to do. We take pride in our ability to provide solutions that enable developers to focus more on what they want to do, and less on monotonous routine, such as manual maintenance and debugging.

Typemock’s tools enable an unprecedented reduction in the cost of development. Experience has shown that the sooner bugs are caught during the development process, the lower the cost of debugging; there is typically a steep rise in costs as the identification of bugs moves from development to QA, to the post-delivery phase. Typemock’s products prevent this sharp and costly escalation – enabling savings that can often be astronomical!

The Company

Typemock is a privately funded startup, established in 2004 by its founder and CEO, Eli Lopian, who joined forces with Roy Osherove, a respected figure in the TDD community. Eli Lopian is also a a well-known figure in Agile and TDD circles, with more than 17 years of experience of R&D at large companies such as AMDOCS (NYSE: DOX) and Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Eli’s commitment to optimizing the development process has led the transformation of the development environment to support efficient processes and tools.

The Typemock Community and Support

Over 1500 companies around the world use Typemock products, with more developers joining us every day. The Typemock user population includes developers from a wide range of industries – including the defense, medical and financial sectors- that demand exceptionally high standards of quality and minimum errors.

We work closely with the members of our community – continuously innovating and improving our products according to their critical input. We provide thorough implementation training and pride ourselves on our dedicated, personalized and professional support.

Typemock’s Flagship Product – Isolator

With Isolator, unit testing really is easy. With dead-simple API, automatic test code generation and really great support, you’ll be running unit tests in no time. Using Isolator saves developer’s precious time – and dramatically improves the quality of the code. It is the only tool that allows total automated unit testing for SharePoint. Isolator can easily unit test Silverlight, WCF, and all other .NET technologies. When using Isolator, there you can start anytime and you don’t need to change existing code for the test.

Isolator is both the most comprehensive and the easiest unit testing product on the market. With Isolator, projects are delivered on time and within budget … with code that meets the highest standards of quality.