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Newsletter, Unit Test, Typemock

June Newsletter: From the Biggest Sinners to the Oddest Job Interviews

The Deadly Sins of Unit Testing unit test, testing, coding, programming

What makes for bad unit tests? What are the signs that your test suite needs a little more care? In this series you’ll be guided to the promised land of software quality.


Typemock Interview: Anton Angelov

Interview, Coder, Programmer, Code, Unit Test, Unit Testing, TDD, DevOps

Read what fellow coder & tester, Anton Angelov, has to say why technical skills are essential but overrated and what skills are crucial for you to have as a developer!


Our latest video

Typemock Comic: Fluent in C++ and CAT

Have you ever brought your pet to work? In our latest comic, the company is looking for a C++ developer and we meet an eager candidate who is bold enough to bring his cat to the interview. Developers are unconventional, but this one seems somewhat more unique…

Typemock Comic, TypemockComic, Devhumor, programmer, coder, cat

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