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TypemockComic, SergeTheCat, C++, CAT, programming skills

Fluent in C++ and CAT

The New Hire for C++

Have you ever brought your pet to work? In our latest comic, the company is looking for a C++ developer and we meet an eager candidate who is bold enough to bring his cat to the interview. Developers are unconventional, but this one seems somewhat more unique…

Typemock Comic, TypemockComic, Devhumor, programmer, coder, cat

Four-Legged Associates

What’s your company’s policy on bringing your pets to work?

Let us know – better yet, submit a pic! The 5 most-liked pet pics will receive an exclusive Typemock gift :)! Leave a comment here with your pic and also send the pic to me: community [at]

This is Typemock’s mascot: Serge the Cat


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