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Is there a vivid example, we can not finish unit test...

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Is there a vivid example, we can not or can not well finish unit test without TypeMock? I mean a pair examples on side by side comparison basis.
asked Aug 26, 2006 by kyue (4,580 points)

6 Answers

0 votes
The link below your refer to has gone:
answered Aug 26, 2006 by kyue (4,580 points)
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I have tried the link and it works, must have been temporary.

Please explain your first query as I don't quite understand it.
If you installed all the options you have many Examples in the Examples directory.
answered Aug 26, 2006 by scott (31,960 points)
0 votes
Thanks to scott for your quick reply.

Examples in the Example directory are pretty clear but just demonstrating how to use TypeMock rather than why we do that. I am just try to find an example shows " buddy, without TypeMock, you can not achieve these test cases". Or maybe they are there already, just I did not find.

Anyway, any clue would be appreciative.
answered Aug 27, 2006 by kyue (4,580 points)
0 votes
Hmm, there are quite a lot of examples.

Take a look at this article in code project
:arrow: Stop Designing for Testability
:arrow: Also look at the Articles on the Web section that has a list of what the community says.

I will look for more examples
answered Aug 28, 2006 by scott (31,960 points)
0 votes
Thanks a lot.
It is a wonderful article and made great senses to me.

BTW, seems this article is not in 'Articles on the web" section. Why don't create a good article pool for beginners? That will make things a lot easier. :D
answered Sep 4, 2006 by kyue (4,580 points)
0 votes
Good idea, thanks.
We should do that.
answered Sep 5, 2006 by scott (31,960 points)