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0 votes
May i know how to assign new value to the buffer receive. eg,

int Read = mSocket.Receive(mBuffer, 0, 4, SocketFlags.None)

mockSocket.ExpectAndReturn("Receive", 4).Args(Check.IsTypeof(typeof(System.Array)), 0, 4, SocketFlags.None);

For your information, the socket will store the value received in mBuffer. May i know how to assign new value to the mBuffer. According to the guidelines, Assign class only can used in ref or out parameter. Therefore, may i know which method can be used in this case? thanks
asked by clteh9 (5.3k points)

1 Answer

0 votes
You can purchase an Enterprise License that will allow you to swap values of argument (see Swapping Arguments)
or you can use a DynamicReturnValue or Custom Argument Checker to get a reference of the array passed
answered by richard (3.9k points)