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I m using .Net 2.0 ,Ncover 1.5.4,typemock 3.0.3 ,Nunit 2.2
i m mocking tests and running "C:Program FilesTypeMock.NetTypeMock.NETTMockRunner.exe" "C:Program FilesNCoverNCover.Console.exe" "C:Program FilesNUnit 2.2in unit-console.exe" C:CoverTtl.Tissip.CommonComponents.NUnitTests.dll //ea "Ttl.Tissip.CrossLayer.NCoverExcludeAttribute" but mocked tests are failing.
what can be the reason for this?
asked by prsh (1.7k points)

1 Answer

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Running TypeMock.NET with code coverage is an enterprise feature (See TypeMock Feature Matrix)

To use it you must run with these parameters: -first -link NCover

For example (I left out the paths for clarity)

TMockRunner.exe -first -link NCover NCover.Console.exe nunit-console.exe Ttl.Tissip.CommonComponents.NUnitTests.dll //ea "Ttl.Tissip.CrossLayer.NCoverExcludeAttribute"

For more infomation please see Code Coverage with TypeMock.NET

To test this feature you can use the demo license you have recieved by registrating to the site, although you can only Mock one type.
If you need further assiatance evaluating these features feel free to contact us
answered by scott (32k points)