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Hello, I got an exception when I use the ISOLATOR_INVOKE_CONSTRUCTOR, the exception said that 'the constructor with argument #3 type could not be found'

The code which I want to test has been built into a DLL, and the unit test will link the DLL. The constructor is something like 'SomeClass(int a, char* b, UserDefinedClass* c = NULL)' the implementation is in the source file which has also been built into the DLL. And the UserDefinedClass is also in the DLL.

I added an additional constructor without the argument 'UserDefinedClass*', Typemock called the constructor successfully.

I don't know what's going on. I am working with Windows 10 and the VS 2015.

Could someone help me to figure it out?
asked by AlanHuang (600 points)
edited by AlanHuang

1 Answer

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Hi Alan,

Thanks for reaching out and I am sorry for what you are experiencing.

Could you please provide a sample of code so that we can have a full image of your issue in order to investigate in a better way?

Meanwhile, I will send you a private mail to you so that it will be more convenient for you to send your sample project. Except for this, I will be happy if you could send me the logs when this issue occurs so I would suggest you to do the following:

1. Turn logging on (How?

2. Run the test you wrote with logs enabled

3. Send me the logs and the project

Thank you!


answered by lilachd (340 points)