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Hey guys,

Say I have this piece of code ( class \"AnExample\"):

  public class AnExample


        private string SomePrivateField;

        private int SomeOtherPrivateField= 0;

 public ClassUnderTest()


            SomePrivateField = \"Blablabla\";



I want to fake the instance of \"SomePrivateField\" and make it return \"Hello!\" rather than \"Blablabla\". How do I do it?

When I try with Isolate.Fake.Instance<AnExample> the test fails with the message that the actual output is \"Blablabla\" and not \"Hello!\". Any insights?

asked by Sonya_g (640 points)
edited by Sonya_g

1 Answer

0 votes
Something like this works for me:

var example = new AnExample();
Isolate.NonPublic.InstanceField(example, \"_privateString\").Value = \"Bar\";            Assert.AreEqual(\"Bar\", example.GetMessage());
answered by petermorlion (640 points)