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I trying the run the test cases in VS cmd 2017 MSTest.exe /testcontainer:unitest.dll /resultsfile:C:\\\\result.txt.

However, when running the above command, it records a bunch of failures into my result.txt file, all of which says,

Test Run deployment issue: The assembly or module \\\'dll\\\' directly or indirectly referenced by the test container along with the below error message,


          <Message>Test method dll threw exception:


*** Typemock Isolator is currently disabled. Enable using the following:

 * Within Visual Studio:

   - Use Typemock Smart Runner  

   - For other runners, Choose Typemock Menu and click \\\"Integrate with Other Runners\\\"


 * To run Typemock Isolator as part of an automated process you can:

    - run tests via TMockRunner.exe command line tool

    - use \\\'TypeMockStart\\\' tasks for MSBuild or NAnt


For more information consult the documentation (see \\\'Running Unit Tests in an Automated Build\\\')</Message>

          <StackTrace>    at TypeMock.InterceptorsWrapper.VerifyInterceptorsIsLoaded()

   at _bA8MUQpKrWjP9CfB6RrB0Z34ehO_._6FuHQwNCuPHBRvIV7SHnpnSiqvL_._2cFKNkGqghvNa04ua7KbBkckuQB_()

   at TypeMock.MockManager.Init(Boolean collectAllCalls)

   at _FOxS0GrAvpjtZgiarLWDABZzuqv_._BFmGFkAxbdbd4exl0lSy0uwFqwl_._xRL0uEmGxgt8coXPq5Ty9sfsevB_[\\\\u0001](Members , Constructor , Constructor , Type , Object[] )

   at _FOxS0GrAvpjtZgiarLWDABZzuqv_._BFmGFkAxbdbd4exl0lSy0uwFqwl_.Instance[T](Members behavior)

   at _FOxS0GrAvpjtZgiarLWDABZzuqv_._BFmGFkAxbdbd4exl0lSy0uwFqwl_.Instance[T]()



Requesting to please help me on this.
asked by salman_khan (610 points)

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