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Test Suggestion Settings... "Folder" is ignored

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In your "Suggested Unit Tests Settings" dialog, the first field it asks for is "Folder". From your documentation, it states that this is the folder where tests will be placed when saved. For me, this is not working at all - test classes are always created at the root of the project.

Also, the namespace prefix is problematic  - especially if the files ARE at the root of the project which means the only namespace they should have is the project namespace, so there needs to be a way to ignore the Namespace Prefix and NOT enter one.


asked Aug 31, 2017 by donniedarko (480 points)
Hey Donnie, are you still experiencing issues with the suggest? Could you send us the logs to support at typemock.com?

1 Answer

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Hi Donnie,

We are currently working on improvements in the Suggest.

"Folder" issue: if possible, please send us some logs of the Suggest to support@typemock.com, so we could repro the error.

Could you elaborate on the namespace prefix problem? I didn't quite understand.
answered Sep 4, 2017 by Raphy (2,930 points)