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isolator++ Faking a class throws exeption

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All i was doing was 
TestClass* tc = FAKE<TestClass>();
and this hangs for about 5 mins and when i enabled the logwithstack = true, I see in my GTest output window
********* Typemock Isolator++ Internal Exception *********
Access violation reading 0xFFFFFFFF
unknown file: error: C++ exception with description "Access violation reading 0x
" thrown in the test body.
Are there any restrictions of faking a c++ class?. 
asked Jan 30, 2017 by mlreddys (120 points)

1 Answer

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Could you please run with logs and send to typemock support?
answered Feb 19, 2017 by eli (5,770 points)
My evaluation license seems to have expired. I have asked Mor Avinu for an extension. I will send the logs as soon as i get hold of the isolator++ license.