how to uninstall during trial period

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Vis Studio Professional 2015.

I installed by running the msi file, I do not have admin priveleges so I had to right-click the msi and 'run with admin rights(audited)'

I am assuming that you provided a symetrical method of uninstall, but all I can find is the dialog internal to Vis Studio, Menu-Tools-Extensions and Updates-Installled-all-typemock.  But this needs an administrator to run.

There isnt an obvious uninstaller, and uninstall is not in the help file.  This gives the impression that you want your software to be stuck on our machines, I do not like this.
asked Nov 9, 2016 by tom (120 points)

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Hi Tom,

No, It wasn't our goal.

Since Typemock installation and uninstallation requires changes in registry, it needs administrative rights.

1. Run the installer as you run it to install(right click..), it will have the menu with "Modify", "Repair" and "Remove"

2. Try to uninstall it from Control Panel->Programs and Features

3. Or run the command prompt as administator and run msiexec /x <path to the msi>
answered Nov 10, 2016 by eva (1,580 points)