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With Isolator my code no longer compiles because TypeMock.ObjectState appears to have been removed from Isolator:

I use ObjectState.Set() extensively for post-constructor dependency injection of mock objects:

And ObjectState.Get() for checking up on private state:

It would be great to compile without needing to downgrade back to the previous Isolator version.

asked by NeilJustice (14.1k points)

1 Answer

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Embarrassment strikes twice here on the Typemock forums! In my manual updating of Typemock references to the latest version, for one project I forgot to also add a reference to TypeMock.dll, hence the errors for ObjectState not found. It's a great relief to know ObjectState is still with us! Perhaps the probability of future users experiencing a fate similar to mine could be reduced by merging TypeMock.dll into Typemock.ArrangeActAssert.dll, thereby making Isolator a one-DLL product instead of a two-DLL product.
answered by NeilJustice (14.1k points)

It's a great relief for us as well :)

Merging the two dlls is a good idea, we'll definitly look into it.