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Over two dozen "Typemock Isolator Quickstart" entr

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Installed: 6.0.6
Windows 7/64, 8GB RAM
VS2010+sp1 beta

I happened to go to the VS2010 help menu today, and noticed that there were well over two dozen copies of the "Typemock Isolator Quickstart" menu item. The first 6 from the top have a divider after each. The remaining 23 (!) are in a single group.

I tried uninstalling 6.0.6, but the list remained. When I actually selected one of the entries, VS noticed the addin was gone, and I was able to remove all the items. After reinstall, I was back to 1 entry in Help.

In the future, how can I clean up this problem without uninstalling Isolator?
asked Jan 31, 2011 by billster (2,740 points)

30 Answers

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Ah, I see now. Every time I start VS2010, it adds a new copy of that help item to the Help menu. I now have 3 again after 3 starts of VS.
answered Jan 31, 2011 by billster (2,740 points)
0 votes
Hi Billster,

This is a very peculiar behavior. I suspect this may be related to the new service pack. We are testing it locally and will try to recreate the issue.

Typemock Support
answered Feb 1, 2011 by igal (5,720 points)
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If you need me to capture any files or debug information, just let me know. I'm up to 5 copies of the help item now. Getting more helpful all the time! :D
answered Feb 2, 2011 by billster (2,740 points)
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Just an FYI. When 6.0.7 came out, I uninstalled 6.0.6, cleared out the bogus help menu items, and installed 6.0.7.

The accumulation of help menu items still continues.

In case it matters, here are other add-ins installed:
Chirpy, CodeSMART, Tabs Studio, DevEx suite (including CodeRush), XAML Power Toys, SQL Assistant, MS EF addins, InstallAware, PostSharp, PowerCommands, Productivity Power Tools, Snippet Designer, StickyNotes, XAML Intellisense Presenter
answered Feb 19, 2011 by billster (2,740 points)
0 votes
Another fact that MIGHT have bearing: I do not install Typemock in the default location. It is in c:dnetTypemockIsolator.

(By the way, very annoying that each time I update it doesn't remember where I have it installed. It always defaults back to the program files location)
answered Feb 27, 2011 by billster (2,740 points)
0 votes
Thanks, that helps.

I'll also check why we don't remember the path in the installation!
answered Feb 28, 2011 by igal (5,720 points)
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We're now up to 6.0.8, a month after my last post, but my problem remains.

I have to periodically uninstall TypeMock, bring up VS2010Premium, click on one of your many help items, confirm with VS to remove the items, then reinstall Typemock.

Then the collection of menu items begins again, one per time running VS.

It is quite disappointing that Typemock just ignores my issue. Yes, it's minor, but it matters. It's great that you have a new Armadillo mascot. But what about the current Mockingbird?
answered Mar 23, 2011 by billster (2,740 points)
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And, by the way, the "Typemock Isolator Quickstart" menu items do not do anything. All other menu items on Help menu work fine. These do nothing.
answered Mar 23, 2011 by billster (2,740 points)
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I'd like to apologize for this taking some time. We released version 6.0.8 to address the crashing issue with multiple 3rd party frameworks, such as ASP.NET MVC3 and DevExpress components.

The issues you have reported are in our bug system, and we're doing everything we can to timely address them. I sincerely apologize if it seemed that your issues were ignored - rest assured we are working on them!

Thank you!
answered Mar 24, 2011 by igal (5,720 points)
0 votes
Now the help menu fills the whole screen with duplicate entries.

Any progress on a fix or at least a workaround to restore the help menu to a useable form?

answered Apr 10, 2011 by ramnefors (3,920 points)