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I have a license to TypeMock for over a year. It runs fine in a build script on my personal development PC with Windows XP as well as a build server on Windows XP.

Now we're upgrading our software to support 64 bit. So we're running the exact same build script on Windows 7 with 64 bit.

However, TypeMock reports that we have an "Invalid License".

Could this simply be a problem whereby TypeMock doesn't support 64 bit? Our license is certainly valid.

If so, is there a 64 bit version to download?

And, if so, then the question arises, "How to determine which TypeMock to install in a build build script depending on 64 bit versus 32 bit?"

We're using Nant so is there any way to determine the architecture (32 vs 64 bit) in the Nant build script? I'll research this separately if you can at least answer the 64 bit TypeMock question.


asked by tickzoom (2.7k points)

1 Answer

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Hi Wayne,

From version 6.0.0 it's the same installer for both platforms.
On previous versions we have different installers for x86 and x64.
However if you would try to use x86 installer on x64 OS the installer would not work.
Can you tell me which version are you using on the build server and how it is installed? (You can install it via installer and via auto deploy in the build script.)
answered by ohad (35.5k points)