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We currently use TypeMock version 6.02. The possibilities that TypeMock gives us are great.

But some problems make the use of TypeMock for parts of our team problematic:

* TypeMock with Visual Studio 2008 on Vista: VS crash 1-4 times per day.

* Debugging an ASP.Net application on VS2008 and Vista give us an OutOfMemory exception after 5 clicks. (Our boxes have all 4 GB RAM and just Visual Studio and IE 7 are running). On Windows XP and VS2010 we have no such problems. It seams that there is a big memory leak between TypeMock and the integrated development Web server.

Our current workaround is to disable TypeMock before we start debugging. As long as every developer remembers that action it is not a problem. But if he forgets he loses a lot of time.

Do you know about problems with Vista and Visual Studio 2010 for ASP.Net? Are there any fixes to stop VS from crashing?

Yours faithfully
Johnny Graber
asked by jgraber (640 points)

3 Answers

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Hello Johnny

thanks for letting us know. We are not aware of any known memory leak issues, would it be possible for you to send us a (mini) crash dump if it occurs? Does this happen on other computers running this configuration?

Also, are there any additional addins running in your Visual Studio, such as ReSharper?

answered by igal (5.7k points)
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Hello Igal,
Sorry for the delay (we're currently releasing a new version of our software).

An addition to my initial posting: We currently develop only with Visual Studio 2008. My last sentence referring to VS2010 was a mistake. It should be VS2008.

The additional addins we run are VisualSVN (all), TestDriven.Net (nearly all) and ReSharper (only one). There is no difference for the OutOfMemory Exception in Debug-mode of Visual Studio. In that case we get the exception from the .Net Framework itself, so we don’t have a crash dump.

The Visual Studio crashes are a bit more depending on the machine. The one with ReSharper installed only crashed one a week, others one a day and one up to 4 times a day. After a restart
of the Studio all works good until the next reboot.

We currently try to reproduce the Problem with a simple solution.

Do you have a link how we could produce a mini crash dump? So far we never needed such a thing and maybe you have a little guide for that task.

Johnny Graber
answered by jgraber (640 points)
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You have two options to create a mini dump:
Option one: Use adplus.vbs from debugging tools for windows package to create the dump:
Download the package from here: ... 6.mspx#EHD
I suggest you choose version this is not the latest version but the download size is smaller. Also you if the crashing process is 64 bit download the x64 version else download the x86 of course :)
after the installation run the ADOlus.vbs script from the command line
<DebuggingToolsInstallationFolder>ADPlus -hang -pn CrashingProcesName.exe
This will create a folder in the Debugging tools installation folder with name in the form Hang_Mode__Date_xx-xx-2010__Time_xx-xx-xxx
Inside the folder you can find the dump file.

The other option is to change your system default postmortem debugger to Dr. Watson. See the details here:
look at the section that starts with:
"To change the postmortem debugger back to Dr. Watson, run drwtsn32 -i."
Use this method only if you know how to change it back to the settings that visual studio set for you when you installed it.

Please let me know if you need more help generating the dump.
answered by ohad (35.4k points)