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0 votes
I would like profile my test with dotTrace3.1. Unfortunately I'm not able to configure Typemock with this profiler. All versions of dotTrace are available except 3.1 in the Typemock configuration dialog.

Best regards Arnulf
asked by krok (3.9k points)

3 Answers

0 votes
Hi Arnulf,

Unfortunately, we don't support dotTrace 3.1 yet. It's on our list, though.
Can you use 3.0? This version is supported.
answered by gilz (14.5k points)
0 votes

Have you fix it? If yes in what version?

answered by tom3m (9.7k points)
0 votes
Typemock do not support DotTrace 3.1 at the present time. This feature will probably be added to the next release.

I will update this forum thread on any development on the subject.
answered by dhelper (11.9k points)