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I seem to have trouble installing the Open Source licensed version of Typemock Isolator over the previously installed evaluation version. Did any necessary steps to uninstall the eval, even checked that the GAC entry and Program Files folders were removed, restarted PC.

1) The Open Source enabled install pack still issues that a 21 day evaluation has expired.

Clicking on the Extend button opens the following link that is not working ... textension

2) I ignored it and installed though. Then when a Typemock assembly is about to load, a popup window informing about the license expiration appears

There's the Extend Evaluation link promising another 14 days on request, it leads to here: ... luate&lic=

Seems to work but filling out and sending the form probably doesn't since the ... t=Isolator

Displays "Page Not Found, The page /ShowMessage.php could not be located on this website."

Am some confused, please, how to work this out so that I can use the Open Source version? Am using WinXP/32bit.

I used the itallic font to report some issues I observed, which should be side importance regarding installing the OS license I guess

Many thanks
asked by andris11 (1.8k points)

4 Answers

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Hi Andris,

You don't need to uninstall the evalution version of Isolator - just use the open source license we will send to you to register your copy (I'll send you the license later on today :)).

As to the missing links, thanks for the heads up!

We will look into it ASAP, and I'll let you know when they're fixed.


answered by avik (1.8k points)
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AviK, I understand now. Because the installer was requested through the OS request form and supplied with the open source license text right away, I thought the lic's embedded in it.

'll send you the license later on today :)

It's Sunday! :shock: but I really look forward to it. Sooner or later :)
answered by andris11 (1.8k points)
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'll send you the license later on today :)
It's Sunday! :shock:

That should have been written as: "Wow, it's Sunday, shouldn't you be partying on the beach instead working?" ;)
but I really look forward to it.

That stands, I should need the licence middle this week, hope that's ok.

Many thanks.
answered by andris11 (1.8k points)
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Of course I wrote that reply from the beach, I thought it was obvious :)

You should have got the license, let me know if not!
answered by avik (1.8k points)