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Unit Testing Use Up in 2012

eWeek recently published a report from research Typemock conducted this past year which saw an increase in companies using enterprise unit testing tools.

According to the report, unit-testing adoption has reached a peak in 2012 and is expanding in several sectors, including at software vendors and financial services firms.

"Developers are the vanguard of quality. The importance that software firms are placing in unit testing, as demonstrated by the increase in new customers turning to Typemock for their unit-testing solutions, is a sign that enterprises recognize the significance and benefits of mocking and automated unit testing," said Eli Lopian, founder and CEO of Typemock. "As businesses continue to develop software without unit testing, we will continue to see a steady stream of, and possibly rise in, costly bugs year-after-year. Unit testing and other developer testing should be a no-brainer for every organization, especially those with crucial legacy code, such as banks and other financial firms."


Tell us, are you doing more unit testing or seeing more teams unit test in your organization?