Typemock Sponsors See# Party 2010 (#ssp2010)


Location: Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

The premiere See# Party in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland (on the shore of Lake Constance) gets underway tomorrow, offering a full-day of education with 16 speakers/sessions, and Typemock is proud to be a sponsor.

We caught up with See# Party organizer, Juergen Gutsch, to discuss his journey from ASP developer to conference organizer, organizational challenges, and open-source side projects.


Juergen’s official bio:

Juergen Gutsch works at the ASS.TEC Inc. as a software developer, team leader and leader of .NET development. Apart from his family and job, Juergen runs his own .NET User group ".NET-Stammtisch Konstanz-Kreuzlingen" and blogs about "ASP.NET and more…" at ASP.NET Zone.

TM: First, congrats on the conference. Tell us about your journey from ASP developer to event organizer.

Juergen: Right, I started out as a classic ASP developer and heavily used the community content at aspforum.de (now ASP.NET Zone). Over time, in addition to using, I started helping other novices and soon began doing community work. Later, because I contributed so frequently, I was asked to be a moderator on aspforum.de. When aspforum.de was renamed ASP.NET Zone, I began blogging about ASP.NET.

Blogging was not enough for a community-addicted geek like me and, because there was no .NET User Group within two hours of Konstanz, I unsuccessfully tried to start .NET User Groups in Konstanz (Germany) and Kreuzlingen (Switzerland)—due to lack of interest.

A year later, with a lot of help from Swiss ASP.NET MVP Peter Bucher, we successfully founded .NET- Stammtisch Konstanz-Kreuzlingen, the first .NET User Group to span the borders of Germany and Switzerland.

While leading the NUG and visiting different conferences I had the idea to organize a small conference. At first it only was an idea, but soon other User Group members had the same idea and asked me to organize a conference for .NET developers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria—giving birth to See# Party.

TM: Were there any special challenges to organizing See# Party?

Juergen: The first and biggest challenge was the time. From conception to the day of the event—we organized everything in only four months(!!). The second challenge was to convince potential sponsors that our premiere event would be successful. We also tried very hard to include as many different speaking topics as possible—to appeal to as many .NET developers as possible. Next year will be easier. 🙂

TM: What do See# Party attendees have to look forward to at the event?

Juergen: Attendees will get a full day of interesting sessions about developing with .NET technologies from a number of great speakers including Stefan Lieser, Laurent Bougnion, Golo Roden, Rainer Stropek, Thomas Schissler, Roland Weigelt and many more.

In addition, there will be plenty of networking time and even lunch sessions.

TM: Any interesting side projects to promote?

Juergen: I’m supporting the open source Inversion-of-Control container, LightCore, which is developed by the ASP.NET MVP Peter Bucher. If you want to have a lightweight and very fast IoC container, then take a look at lightcore.ch

Typemock is proud to sponsor See# Party and will be raffling two Typemock Isolator licenses at the event plus a special offer for all its attendees. Be sure to attend Stefan Lieser’s session on Typemock Isolator and Brownfield Projects for an additional giveaway.

Typemock Isolator makes unit testing easy. It’s easy to learn, easy to use, and includes powerful features that make it a must-have tool for .NET developers. Isolator supports all .NET technologies including, WCF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, WPF and SharePoint.

If you would like to know more about how Typemock Isolator makes unit testing so easy, or if you have an event you would like us to sponsor please email me at britt [at] typemock [dot] com and let’s chat about it.

-Britt King