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Typemock Isolator 9.1 Released!

We are delighted to announce that Typemock Isolator version 9.1 has been released.

In addition to supporting Dotnet core, Typemock continues to integrate seamlessly with your development environment.
Version 9.1 fully Integrates with Microsoft’s latest Visual Studio version “Visual Studio 2022”.

Here are a few examples of how easy your unit testing can be with the integration of Typemock and Visual Studio

Running Tests

Running tests couldn’t be easier, automatic smart runner frees your time by running only the required test after each change

Suggesting Tests

Use Typemock’s patented AI Engine to analyze run-time behavior and generate human-quality unit tests for your legacy code

Integrated Coverage Reports

Instant Coverage and Solution wide coverage reports of your unit tests so you can know where your weak point is.
You can then use Suggest to fill in the blanks

Typemock Insight

Get detailed insight into your fakes and mock framework to make it super simple to track your tests

Unit testing is continuing to become easier and in the future we foresee unit testing to be an integral part of the development process.
Just like Zoom is replacing meeting rooms unit testing will replace the QA teams.