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Typemock is spilling the agile development secrets

Agile seems to be getting a lot of buzz lately. From the 10th anniversary of the Agile manifesto to the Agile conference just held in Salt Lake City, Utah and the exploding growth of Agile, we can’t stop hearing about it.

But how do we start doing Agile?

For the past several years, Typemock has been learning about how to help software teams embrace Agile development practices, particularly unit testing – the crux of Agile software, allowing for the instant feedback that’s at Agile’s core.

You can even say that we’ve been torturing our developers to learn the secrets and trying to get them to spill the secrets.

Until now, though, we’ve kept the secrets to ourselves.

But we’re letting the secret out in a new webinar: 10 Secret Unit Testing Tips to Becoming Agile.

Attend the webinar and we’ll share a few of our secrets.

When? Thursday August 25 at 10:00 AM EDT (That’s 2:00 PM UTC/GMT, 3:00 PM in the UK, 4:00 PM in Germany and 7:30PM in New Delhi (IST))

Sign up and register for the webinar here at:

By the way, the webinar is vendor-neutral — we won’t be demonstrating our products. Stay tuned and sign up for our next webinar if you want to learn more about Isolator and Isolator++.

Everyone who attends three Typemock-sponsored webinars will receive a free Typemock t-shirt.