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Test Lint Updated


There’s an updated version of Typemock Test Lint

Test Lint parses your code as you type it, and looks for common problems in your unit test code – from missing asserts to having tests depend on other tests – Test Lint will notify you on the spot about each possible issue with a visible queue right inside your editor, right next to the link where the issue appears.

What’s new ?
– feature: notification of new versions (with list of changes)
– feature: new assert types that are detected : "Should.."
– feature: new test types detected: [Specification] [Observation]

– fixed : Multiple asserts were not detected on Assert.That(..) with different objects
– fixed : Multiple asserts were sometimes detected in non test methods
– fixed : "Missing asserts" flag was shown on [TestFixtureSetup] and [TestFixtureTearDown]
– fixed : missing asserts found on TestCleanup methods

– The addin will never expire from now on



Grab it here