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Teaching someone to test using an Isolation Framework

In his blog Derik Whittaker wrote about a recent experience he had while teaching developers how to write unit tests using Isolation framework.

The post titled "Teaching someone to test using an Isolation Framework" describes how someone can use pair programming in order to help fellow developer to learn how to approach the subject of writing isolated unit tests.

I found the tips in the post extremely useful when teaching a new subject to a fellow co-worker:

  • Slowdown, slowdown, slowdown
  • Make NO assumptions, teach as if they know nothing
  • Have them drive
  • Provide examples both with and without the Isolation framework
  • Don’t let them skate by
  • Turn off any coding tools such as ReSharper (or the likes) and do NOT use shortcuts

I especially liked the usage of a tool called Keyboard Jedi (written by Roy) so that your pair won’t get lost when you start using keyboard shortcuts.

Go read it now