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Typemock Suggest creates test suggestions suitable for your code. Imagine having a suite of unit test that cover your brilliantly written code. Written at only a fraction of the time.

Typemock Suggest can also cover your Legacy Code.

Learns your code. Learns your changes

It doesn’t seem possible… but it is. Typemock suggest analyzes your code to suggests relevant unit tests. These tests follow best practices. Arrange-Act-Assert. Isolations. Assertions.

Written by Typemock, read by you

New innovative human-readable feature: Typemock suggests tests that can be read by you. Human readable tests. By minimizing your tests to contain the least amount of code, but not less than needed. And by naming your tests and your variables. The tests seem to be almost written by a human being.

Approve and Improve your Tests

Typemock Suggest Methodology: Read every test. Rename if necessary. In a few cases, modify the asserts. This is faster than writing from scratch. With improved tests you get improved results.

Work when you are Idle

Typemock Suggest works for you, in the background, behind the scenes and especially when your computer is idle. Imagine begin really productive in a meeting, just because your computer is working for you, suggesting tests, while you are away.

New performance requires an all new technology

Suggesting unit tests is not an easy job, and to do all this requires a new technology. This technology uses AI and fuzzy logic to find how to setup your code for your test scenario. And what to isolate. And what to assert. We used multiple servers each continuously generating tests for many open source and closed source projects, to perfect the AI engine. On an i5 chip with 2G memory we have an average of suggesting tests for 13.4 methods per minute.

100% protected with innovative sandbox

Typemock Suggest runs in an isolated sandbox, to protect you from yourself. Which means automatically Isolating any code that harms your system. Even if your code deletes all you file system, Typemock Suggest will protect you.

One test will never break another

Another brilliant feature of Suggest: inter-test isolation. Your codes state is entirely refreshed between tests. Which means that one test will never leave a state that will fail another test.
And you won’t have to search for the violating code in the haystack of tests.

Only new scenarios

Using the all-new Duplicate Test Detection feature. Only untested scenarios will get suggested. This works for tests you wrote from scratch and Typemock Suggested

Fully Customizable

It’s your code. It’s your tests. Customize every aspect of it to your liking. Names. Locations. Frameworks.

Built for change

You are free to edit and change your suggested tests. No restrictions

Microsoft Silver
  • USA (Toll free): 866–895–4680
  • Outside US: +44–203–150–0293