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Signing MSTests Private Accessors Assembly

Recently one of our users has stumbled upon the need to sign the generated private accessors assembly which is automatically created by the MSTest framework.

It all started when they tried to delay sign the production assembly. However, in that assembly they used the InternalVisibleTo in order to expose stuff for the Test assembly so they needed to sign that assembly as well. It didn’t end there. The test assembly had the same attribute exposing things for the private accessors assembly which is created by the testing framework so they needed to sign that as well. Here is when things became a little problematic. the generated accessors assembly has no means for the user to change its signing.

To cut the story short, they eventually found the Publicize.exe tool developed by Microsoft that enabled them to solve this issue.

A warning – apparently the beta version has some serious issues with it, so for those of you which have yet to upgrade to the 2008 RTM, make sure that youre using the RTM version of the tool.