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Join Our Webinar: Tips for Effective Unit Testing

Want to learn how to write better unit tests or improve your TDD practices?

If so, sign up for our webinar Test the Untestable: Effective Unit Testing with Typemock Isolator

When? Monday, June 27

Time: 10:00 AM ET / 3:00 PM BST (UK) / 5:00 PM Israel

 Register Now:

Attend this webinar and you will learn:

  • Common problems with unit testing, and how to solve them
  • Applying unit testing patterns to legacy code
  • How to test the untestable
  • Cutting fluff with Typemock Isolator’s powerful mocking capabilities
  • How to mock (fake) any dependency (SharePoint, databases, file systems)

We are giving away a Typemock Isolator license to one attendee and two Legalize Unit Testing t-shirt. All the cool kids have it, you know you want one!