Isolator V7.4.3 Unleashed!


** Isolator is packed with productivity-enhancing features. Give it a (unit)-test-drive now **

Ring in the new year with a fresh release of Isolator!

Great tools help remove the obstacles for you to work more effectively. Lots of the new stuff in this version is just about that – more productivity, less hassle.

Take, for example, the Test Preview window:


You got the code under test, and the tests that go through it, just as before. But if you want to see the test, why waste time on navigation? The test code appears in living colors on the same screen. And if you want to compare tests, just click on the test name, and the test code appears. On failure the preview window contains also the error and stack trace. Throw in the visual coverage paths shown on the code, and you’ve got everything in one place. Convenient to say the least, and quite addictive.

By the way, the Test Preview window is detachable, so you can move it around if it blocks the view. Works great in parties too.

We’ve added lots of keyboard short cuts and context menu items, to operate the different operations that we do when working with tests. Run or debug the latest tests, run all fast tests, as well as others. I like to work with the “Run automatically after build” turned on, so on successful compilation, the fast tests run automatically. We’ve also revamped the Test Navigator window, to focus on testing essentials.


Speaking of running tests, let’s talk about the SmartRunner. Obviously it works much better and quicker now, but we’ve also added a new tweak.

SmartRunner’s original goal was to keep feedback fast. SmartRunner identifies fast and slow tests. Until now, you could run the slow tests manually. I can still do that, but let’s be candid, if it’s up to me, I’ll probably forget to run them, even though these tests are important. Isn’t automation supposed to solve these things?

It should, so in this version there’s an option to run the slow tests automatically when the computer is idle. It’s not running in the background, slowing your IDE as you work. But when the computer’s been idle (say you’ve gone to lunch), it will start running the slow tests in the background. If you came back early, touch the keyboard or mouse, the running stops immediately.

On the improvement side, we’ve got lots of performance enhancements and more capabilities in SmartRunner, such as MSTest deployment items and better shield support. Improved usability is also evident in the way progress is visualized and how coverage looks. You can check out the full release notes.

Oh yes, the new version support VS 2013. And TFS 2013 support is in the works.

You’re still here?!?! Download Isolator now.