Introduction to Unit Testing: xUnit Frameworks


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One of the most important parts of starting unit testing is choosing a unit testing framework.

Unit Testing frameworks are often third-party applications which help simplify the process of unit testing. Unit testing frameworks, however, shouldn’t be confused with mocking or isolation frameworks like Isolator.NET or Isolator++ which come pre-packaged already with unit testing frameworks.

Want to get started unit testing? Here are a few .NET Unit Testing Frameworks to get started with in addition to Isolator.NET (Download it now for a free trial – even after your trial ends, your tests will continue to run, so it’s a great way to start exploring unit testing).

NUnit NUnit is an open source unit testing framework for Microsoft .NET. It is part of the xUnit Framework
TestDriven.NET Commercial Visual Studio add-in
Isolator.NET Typemock Isolator .NET – Lets you test any code, including “untestable” code
Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework The Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework describes Microsoft’s suite of unit testing tools as integrated into some versions of Visual Studio Developed by the original inventor of NUnit to be its successor. is currently the highest rated .NET unit testing framework

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