Computer Tricks for Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is the holiday of Tricks or Treats. If your coworkers don’t give you some good candy, here are some tricks to play on them!

  1. Crack Your Victim’s Monitor with a Wallpaper Change

  2. Change your victims wallpaper with a quick wallpaper screen. You can take a screenshot of their desktop and then delete all their shortcuts and watch them click away. Or try the famous “cracked screen” wallpaper and they’ll be running off to Office Depot to buy a new monitor!


  3. Try the Blue Screen of Death Screensaver
  4. They won’t be able to know what hit them. Microsoft released a screensaver that mimics the blue-screen-of-death. When your coworker returns, watch them recoil in fear! A system crash is scarier than a vampire or mummy any day!

    1. Control their computer from afar
    2. Install a VPN client on their computer and watch them get bewildered when their computer starts opening and closing programs and typing by itself. Is it a ghost?


    3. 2004-10-31_pictures-from-griffimc Halloween 004Send them fake Windows pop-up messages.
    4. Install a Windows messenger application using net send and you can send authentic-looking pop-up messages, ghoulishly convincing the person that his/her computer is haunted. Change your computer’s name to something official sounding “Microsoft” and send your coworkers a message. All you need to know if your coworkers IP address or computer name.

      1. Turn your computer upside down
      2. Press CTRL+ALT+DOWN ARROW and suddenly their computer will flip. Or try sideways as well and watch them freak out.


      Do you have other tricks? Leave them in the comments.