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"I have been using Typemock Isolator for quite some time and I would like to thank the Typemock team for such a great product which I believe is the only product that makes Unit Testing really possible"
Rahul Das, Technical Lead, Bank Societe Generale
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Typemock Isolator Server 

Typemock Isolator Server allows running all tests that use Typemock Isolator on a continuous integration server.
In order to run your tests on a build machine, a server license is mandatory. This can run by installing the server software or by Auto-Deploy.

While Typemock Isolator Developer helps you write and run your tests easily on 

your individual machine, you’ll need the build server integration to run your tests for the entire team. 


It comes with building blocks that make the integration with existing continuous build system easy: 

Typemock Isolator Build Server integrates with all leading build servers/scripts, including:


Typemock Isolator Server single license is good for up to 5 virtual machines.