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- No unwanted UI popups.
- Assert actual server-side objects.

Comparison matrix

Typemock Basic Typemock SharePoint Typemock Essential Typemock Complete
Smart Runner
Tracks impacted tests
Continuous testing
Works in the background
Automatically unit-integration tests seperation
Smart Debugging
Eliminate unit test maintainance
Eliminate need to compile a 'fake' assembly
Auto- Recursive fakes
Warn about stale fakes
Fake Dependancies Automatically
Interfaces and abstract classes
Everything in .Net
Legacy Code
Integration with other developer tools
Visual Studio
All known Coverage Tools
Performance profilers
Build Server integration
Microsoft TFS
Other CI's
Code Covearge
Visual Covearge of Methods
Filtered by test
Instant code covearage
Solution wide coverage
Suggest Tests
Suggest Tests
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Only new scenarios
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Total Cost of Ownership
Developers who unit test, spend approximately 25% of their time on writing and maintaining unit tests. This amounts to as much as 600 hours per year. Using Typemock’s powerful and unique features, you can cut this time in half. No other tool in the known galaxy can match us. Here is why: To calculate the total cost of ownership of unit testing tools and methodologies, consider the following direct and indirect costs and the amount of time involved. 1. Licensing Costs
2. Software Development hours spent on:

a. Writing unit tests
b. Running unit tests and waiting for results
c. Integrating with Build Servers
d. Debugging unit tests
e. Getting vendor support

The average developer’s hourly pay in the United States is $40. Now consider those600 hours a year and you come to a sum of $24,000 a year spent on writing, verifying, and maintaining unit tests. Typemock’s unique features save you at least half that time by: Easily implemented within in your development environment: Isolator Integrates automatically with your code. It’s also compatible with all coverage tools and build server. Faster Tests Authoring: Spend only the very minimum time on writing tests with the easy to use API and Suggest Engine that writes your tests for you. Great efficiency, faster results: When it comes to actually running the tests, you get faster feedback with Typemock Smart Runner by running only impacted tests. And unlike most solutions, it works even when you’re away from your desk because it continues to run tests in the background. Quick Bug Resolving: When your developer writes a Unit Test and it fails, what you have is a failed test. When your tests fail with Typemock Isolator, you get all the data you need to fix them in one nifty view.