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Release Notes

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Version 4.2.2

 Security Update.


Version 4.2.1

 New: Support code compiled with gcc -mmpx flag.


Version 4.2

 New: Support Linux GCC 9.3 to 11.3.

 New: Support Ubuntu 22.

 New: Support Linux DWARF-5 debug info.


Version 4.1.6

 New: Support GCC 7.3 to 9.3.

 New: Support Ubuntu 18 and Ubuntu 20.


Version 4.1.5

 Fixed: Bug Fixes.


Version 4.1.4

 Fixed: Manipulating the exit code of a process.

 Fixed: Getting data of a volatile type variable.

 Fixed: Getting data of a const Struct type variable.

 Added: Visual Studio 2022 examples.


Version 4.1.3

 Improved: Examples run in debug mode in default

 Fix: Support float arguments to conditional lambda

 Fix: Ability to fake a const std object in Linux

 Fix: Fixed Bug with methods that return const double

 Fix: Fixed Return code of test runner is not overridden


Version 4.1.2

 Improved: Support EQ with pointers - to compare pointer address (not actual data)

 New: Better Threading Support - when faked methods are run in different threads

 Fix: Changed destination folder for x86 gtest-libs

 Fix: Added missing symsrv.dll in installer

 Improved: Improved documentation

 New: Support running multiple test executables on the same machine

 Add: Visual Studio 19 examples

 Improved: Cleanup examples


 Fix: Crash When Faking a method that is being called in another thread

 Fix: Crash when faking global methods

 Fix: Crash when checking for updates

 Fix: Freemium license expiring

 Fix: No crash if arg of predicate not copied

 Fix: Running mstests crash after faking global methods

 Fix: Can now use Configurator to set logging on Linux

 Fix: Support dots in email name on Windows

 Fix: No crash when cant be found


Version 4.1.1

         Fix: Improve Isolator++ Professional integration with Global functions.

         New: Set path for cached pdb files via IsolatorConfigurator, view it HERE.

         New: Search for cached pdb files in different folders.

         New: Check that MsTest has required dll's.


Version 4.0.5

    New: Add RET_REF API to explicitly fake out parameters passed by reference.

    Fix: Bug when using lambda predicates with MSVC 15.8+.


Version 4.0.4

    Fix: Invoking constructor of a template class with a non-primitive type.

    Fix: Bug when faking abstract classes while using MSVC 15.8+ and std:c++17.


Version 4.0.3

    Fix: Mocking virtual methods on VS 2017 15.8+ with /std:c++17 compiler flag.


Version 4.0.2

   Fix: Incorrect behavior when faking methods with several double arguments.

    New: Support faking classes in shared objects on Linux.

    New: Support faking classes in shared objects on Linux.

    New: Support custom behavior on virtual methods with multiple arguments.

    Performance: General performance improvements.


Version 4.0.1

    Fix: Running tests when there is no internet connection bug.

    Fix: Finding classes in shared objects bug on Linux.

    Performance: General performance improvements.


Version 4.0.0

         New: Isolator++ Professional is now available for Linux 64-bit.

         New: Build Server installer and deployment.

         Breaking Change: Removal of FakeOptions::Lean API.



Version 3.7.1

         Fix: Bug when passing int64 params to predicates in x86 build.


Version 3.7.0

         New: FakeOptions::Lean API for fake objects to call the original implementation. Faster than CallOriginal but methods cannot be asserted unless WHEN_CALLED was used.

         New: Predicates support specifying overloaded methods in conditional faking and asserting.

         New: Support specifying the default fake behavior of the returned fake object when using ReturnFake().

         Performance: Using only WHEN_CALLED for globals to boost performance.


Version 3.6.0

         New: ISOLATOR_INVOKE_CONSTRUCTOR macro to fake objects while calling their constructors first

         New: Support Deep Chaining Behavior with and without conditionals

         New: Allow broader search for global functions - no need to use namespace

         Performance: Support huge code projects, less memory and 90% faster!

         Performance: new crash IPP_DUMP_PATH - for putting all Dumps there

         Fix: Support dll's with ordinal

         Fix: Support ULONGLONG in RETURN()

         Fix: Support R9 downgrade mode

         Fix: Crash on Exit with msTest

         Fix: DoMemberFunctionInstead on methods with enum type parameters        


Version 3.5.0                

         New: Conditional Assertion of out/by-ref value-type parameters

         New: Support Conditional Behavior on out/by-ref parameters with new RET_IF macro

         New: BY_REF macro to pass values to conditional macros directly

         New: Diamond inheritance supported


         Fix: Conditional Behavior using PRIVATE_WHEN_CALLED on global/static functions now works


Version 3.4.3

         Added helpful tips to exception messages

         Type in Return() must be assignable to actual type returned by method

         Can now debug fake methods with a breakpoint on the function

Version 3.4.2

         New BY_VAL(object) macro to return objects by value

         Support all conditionals on all private verification macros (see Conditional Assertion - based on arguments)

         Support faking methods in release

         Fix: Visual Studio 2005 compatibility

Version 3.4.1

         Fix x64 libeay32.dll bug

Version 3.4.0

         New Conditional Behavior with private methods

         New faking out parameters in private methods

         Support invoking static c functions

         Support accessing static c variables

         Support accessing non primitive data member and static variables


         Deprecated - ISOLATOR_SET_MEMBER, use ISOLATOR_SET_VARIABLE instead.

         Deprecated - ISOLATOR_GET_MEMBER, use ISOLATOR_GET_VARIABLE instead.

         Support vstest coverage

         Allow Parenthesis on PRIVATE_WHEN_CALLED

         Better message when ISOLATOR_INVOKE_FUNCTION called with incorrect return type

         Support Throw of any type of exception, as long as it is actually thrown in the code

         Support faking virtual methods that are not generated in derived class due to compilation optimization. use ISOLATOR_FORCE_SYMBOL

         Fix bug with signed numbers in conditional verification

         Fix x86 virtual table bug

         Fix x64 bug when passing over 5 arguments


Version 3.3.0

         New Conditional Verification (see Conditional Assertion - based on arguments)

         Support static c functions (private to module) see Faking private and protected methods.

         Support called the original method and then returning a different value. (see CallOriginal Behavior)


Version 3.2.0

         Example Test Projects are separated from Under Test to mirror real life examples.

         When MsTest is used, Isolator Failiures call Assert::Fail, for better integration.

         Support calling non public overloaded members (See Calling Hidden Members)

         Support verifying non public overloaded members (Supports Asserting Called, Counting and Asserting not Called)

Version 3.1.0

         Performance improvements

         NEW api to support faking non public overloaded members

         NEW api to access non public data members

         Support all threading modes

         Deprecated - ISOLATOR_INVOKE_STATIC_MEMBERS , Use ISOLATOR_INVOKE_MEMBERS and pass _ instead of the instance.

Version 3.0.2

         Faster Performance, deprecate DontFakeCtorOnInit flag

Version 3.0.1

         Fixed DIA not found error - use any dia that is installed

Version 3.0

         Added Conditional Behavior Faking

         Added support for Visual Studio 2015 RC

         Added support to fake operator methods

Bug Fixes

         Fix default param size Bug.

Breaking Changes

         Deprecated API are now removed, for backward compatibility please use #define ISOLATOR_USE_DEPRECATED_V1_API




Version 2.3

         Fix: DoStaticOrGlobalInstead() not supporting byte arguments.

Version 2.2

         Added Invoking private instance and static member (See Calling Hidden Members)

Version 2.1

         Support PRIVATE_WHEN_CALLED for statics without requiring an instance.

Version 2.0

         Simplified all API to use one Return() method.

         Added Private Verification methods (See Asserting a method was called).

         Support Faking abstract Classes and pure virtual Methods out of the box (See Faking abstract classes).

         Added Intellisense.

Bug Fixes

         Fake all methods defined in base class automatically.




         Isolator++ Professional is thread safe now.

         Added IsolatorConfiguration::FakeOnlyOnTestThread. This will cause Isolator++ Professional to fake objects only on the test thread and ignore instances on sub threads spawned by user code.

         Added IsolatorConfiguration::DontFakeCtorOnInit. This will prevent Isolator++ Professional from intercepting constructors and destructors on initialization code.

         Isolator++ Professional ignores release symbols of various MS dll's



         Updated docs and examples.

         Fixed Access Violation exception when using out parameter.

         Added logging parameters for diagnostics



         Added 64bit support.


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