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Getting Started with C/C++ Unit Testing in Linux 

By Gil Zilberfeld, Product Manager, Typemock July 19, 2011

Unit testing in C/C++ has proven value in finding as much as 90% of defects. Yet, isolation in C++ has been difficult. Attend this webinar to learn how to start unit testing in C++ in Linux and Windows. 

• How your multi-platform development team can use the same solution and API to test C++ code – existing or legacy code 
• What you need in order to unit test 
• How to test code that calls global, statics, and non-public functions 


Discover C++ unit testing in Linux with Typemock Isolator++. Isolator++ enables easy unit testing and powerful mocking

Unit testing in C/C++ has proven value in finding as much as 90% of defects. But it is very hard. We know that. We've been there. Using a test runner is just not enough.

In Unit testing C/C++ code we want to test a single feature, but then we hit a major problem: our code calls other classes, databases, services and 3rd party libraries.

To solve this, we'll need to change our code. But changing it is risky. We are likely to introduce new bugs and then find ourselves rewriting our unit tests instead of writing new code.

To try it out Isolator++, download it now