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"Typemock Isolator is a really great product. The best mocking framework I have used so far."
Mikael Thomsen, Vestas Wind Systems A/S
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Tips for Easy Unit Testing: Dealing with Legacy Code - Part II

By Igal Tabachnik, Senior Software Developer, Typemock 


Watching refactoring 'real' code in the @typemock webinar. #unittesting. Big methods like we all write occasionally but pretend we don't.

@typemock is faking development at unit testing webinar :] Join now and learn how to do more with less. Upgrade your everyday skills

awesome demo, very ninja-like approach to unit testing legacy code that we all have but nobody ever wants to deal with


This webinar is a continuation of our July webinar. You are encouraged to watch that webinar prior to this webinar as it will increase your understanding. Click here to watch that webinar.

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