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We need to maintain legacy applications that were not built to facilitate unit testing. Without Typemock we would be completely unable to effectively test these applications. Typemock boosts productivity because you do not have to explicitly code from the ground up with testing in mind, which can be difficult to handle. Typemock has been able to cover up the coupling and dependency sins that we all have leaked into our applications from time to time.  
Edmund D. Gorski, President, CodePoets, Inc.
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Unit Testing WCF - Server and Client

WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) gives the user a unified framework for easily building service oriented applications. WCF services help you to create distributed systems using a service oriented architecture that has flexibility and security. Testing WCF can be tricky. Typemock Isolator simplifies unit testing WCFprojects because it allows you to unit test both server side objects and client side objects.

When building tests for implemented WCF services there is a difficulty aligning all the external dependencies of the tests. This is where Typemock Isolator comes to the rescue. Typemock Isolator makes Unit Testing WCF applications easy, our unique technology isolates your code, so you don't have to refactor or restructure your code just to make it testable.

Tutorials: Unit Testing WCF

How to use Isolator to test WCF:

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