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"Typemock - My testing tool of choice. Each time I use it, I rediscover its power, and I'm amazed. Great tool!"
Jason Divis, @CodingOfficer
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Implementing Unit testing in your company video tutorial

There are many advantages to unit testing in software development companies. Typemock's tools help companies to shorten the development cycle, reduce the development costs, increase code coverage and release a higher quality product with less bugs.

Watch the below Automated Unit test video tutorial (or webinar) to get tips for implementing unit testing in your company. In this unit testing tutorial, which is presented by Roy Osherove and Gil Zilberfeld, Typemock will show how you can become a change agent and lead the implementation of unit testing, in your company.

Watch this unit testing tutorial to learn how you can make a difference in your company. This video tutorial gives you tools that can assist your work place in implementing unit testing practices.

To get information on future webinars, make sure to visit our blog.

First session:

Download this unit testing tutorial to your PC

Second Session:


Download this unit testing tutorial to your PC



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