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Unit Testing VB.NET

Although VB.NET is a very popular development language most unit testing tools are not custom built for it. The available tools either do not support VB.Net features or do not make the road to unit testing easier, by taking advantage of the language.

Typemock Isolator now brings developers who are programming Visual Basicapplications (VB.NET), a new simple API, which helps get into unit testing VB applications quickly and easily. The new VB-Friendly API was devised with VB.NET in mind, making Isolator the best Isolation framework for VB.NET developers. Isolator allows VB.NET developers to save time and money by easily adopting unit testing techniques.

The new  API has all the features of its C# counterpart, bringing the simple Arrange Act Assert semantics to VB.NET developers. Isolator helps you write tests without changing your code. You can isolate any dependency in your code, even Sharedfunctions, and NotInheritable classes. Developers who are programming Visual Basic applications can take advantage of the Isolator engine to write VB.NET applications for ASP.Net, SharePoint, WCF or any .NET technology, in the language, they are expert in. Isolator makes programming Visual Basic applications, simple and easy.

Code Example

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