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Unit Testing in the Real World

Theory is nice and all but unit testing in theory isn’t always possible. Reality – dependencies, legacy code, lack of design – is not something we can escape.

But this leaves us open to bugs.

The Real Real World by Hillary Johnson & Nancy Rommelmann

Join us on Wednesday and learn how real life tips and tricks for testing your code – with the nasty dependencies and legacy code that you can’t escape.

What you’ll need is to abstract those dependencies, using mocking frameworks. In this webinar, you’ll learn different methods and tools that help create real unit tests.

In this webinar, learn:
• The problems with legacy code
• How isolation helps
• Hand rolled mocks and mocking frameworks
• Writing effective unit tests

Sign up. By the way, you may win an Isolator license.

When: Wednesday, December 14 at 10:00 AM Eastern, 15:00 GMT/UK

Join Us!