Unit testing super heros

Unit testing has yet to conquer the world. Here is why.

When I first learned about the idea of unit testing, I was utterly astounded by the possibilities this type of technology might offer us! Software that helps build software and makes me more productive hell ye.  Innovation always inspires my imagination, and inner brainstorming immediately kicks in. I thought about what would happen if everyone will use unit tests. Would we quicken the speed of evolution? If we can do the same things better and faster, what kind of world will we create? Or will it lead to a robot’s dystopia?

More Than 90% of Developers Believe Unit Testing Is Most Effective For Reducing Bugs Unit testing helps reduce and fix bugs in the production code. And by doing so, we increase productivity. Massively. Finding and fixing bugs saves developers precious time and lower the costs of bug fixing to company owners. The rich get richer, and developers get bigger bonuses )))

So, if we’ve got this great tool, why does not everyone subscribes Like 10-year-olds to TikTok? Unlike TikTok, unit testing can actually lead to a massive positive change in the world. Imagine saving 10, 20, or 50% development time. It’s big. Now let’s go back to the article’s title. Why haven’t we conquer the world yet? My sword is definitely ready. 

Unfortunately, my unit testing utopia dream did not come true. At least not yet, and this is for a number of reasons: Apparently, they find it challenging to unit test! Some complain that making the tests stable in a complex environment is hard. Oh really.. man up! Not to mention some Q&A teams argue they can’t handle it. And they are not alone, some developers complain it takes them too much time and that it’s not catching all the bugs. Don’t shed a tear, unfortunately automated-testing-still-lags

Don’t lose hope, though. I still believe in a new efficient world in which we let technology take care of the boring stuff so that we would be able to explore our full potential and keep developing the world as we dream. I believe one day, not so far from now 100% of developers will using unit testing. I’m not sure it will bring world peace, but it will bring more time to focus on what’s important and interesting.