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Unit Testing 101: How to Start?

How To Start Unit Testing with Typemock

Free Unit Testing Crash Course

Unit testing is hard and most developers still are not doing unit testing. However, according to the State of Agile Development survey, 74% of developers who claim to be engaging in Agile are doing unit testing. Want to speed up your Agile adoption or just ensure better code quality or engage in some professional development? Here’s how to start unit testing.

1. Watch Typemock’s Unit Testing 101 webinar – This should be the first stop if you are looking to start unit testing.

2. Read The Art of Unit Testing by former Typemock CTO, Roy Osherove

3. Ask on Typemock’s Forums  or LinkedIn – Have a unit testing question? Let our unit testing experts answer.

4. Syncfusion’s ebook about unit testing provides a comprehensive guide to the practice.

5. Check out some blogs. Sometimes you don’t want to unit test. Former Typemock developer Igal Tabachnik wrote a few blog posts about when not to unit test. Understanding when not to unit test and failures people have found when starting unit testing can help you understand when to test.

6. Start testing! Download Typemock Isolator Complete for a free trial and start testing your existing legacy code. Not sure where to start or want to start from scratch? One of our evangelists wrote a great tutorial for starting unit testing with Typemock.

***BONUS*** We’ve put together a free online webinar series that will get you unit testing. Take our Free Unit Testing Crash Course now. 

Have any unit testing questions that the above resources don’t answer? Leave them in the comments section below.