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In this issue:
  • Join Us and Build Better Agile Development Processes
  • Get a Free Chapter of The Art of Unit Testing
  • How to Introduce a Test Driven Mindset
  • 10 Resources for SharePoint Development
  • Have you tried the latest version of Isolator?
  • Visual Studio Magazine Reviews Isolator
Join Us and Build Better Agile Development Processes
According to Forrester Research, "It's time for software development professionals to stop sitting on the fence where Agile is concerned." But, with so many failed efforts, IT managers and developer leaders are reluctant to try again and build an Agile development process without an effective plan and processes.
In this webinar, Typemock's Product Manager, Gil Zilberfeld, will provide a roadmap to building effective Agile Development Processes. Sign up and pass it on to your manager, team leader, or other colleagues that may be interested.
When: Wednesday, October 26 at 8:00 AM PT, 11:00 AM ET, 4:00 PM UK.
Sign Up Here.
Who Wants a Free Chapter of "The Art of Unit Testing"?
Typemock is giving away a free chapter of The Art of Unit Testing. Written by Typemock's previous Chief Architect, Roy Osherove, read the book that Uncle Bob calls "One of the best soup-to-nuts books on TDD that I've ever seen."
How do you get the book? Simple: Like Typemock on Facebook and fill in the "Free Chapter" form.
  How to Introduce a Test Driven Mindset
One of the biggest challenges to test driven development and designing for testability is getting your team into the right mindset. Sometimes, the best solution to recurring bugs is Test Driven Development. But, how do you introduce this mindset into your next cycle or sprint?

Try Some Agile Advice.
10 Top Resources for SharePoint Development
Typemock's not the only place to learn about developing SharePoint (though we sure do make testing SharePoint easy). There are lots of other great resources to learn about SharePoint development, whether it's from Richard Fennell discussing unit testing SharePoint to the SharePoint Comic or the great SharePoint Saturday events taking place around the world. Here are some of our favorite SharePoint resources. What are yours?
Have you tried the latest version of Isolator?
When's the last time you've used Isolator? Have you tried or upgraded to the latest version? The latest version of Isolator is better than ever and includes even more: more stability, more guidance, more metrics, and more powerful mocking, enabling easy and productive unit testing. If your organization is still using an outdated version of Isolator, consider upgrading before the end of the year. Catch even more bugs. Have more confidence in your code. Prevent more defects.
Download it now.
Visual Studio Magazine Reviews Isolator
Typemock Isolator .NET was recently reviewed in Visual Studio Magazine. According to the review, "A key issue in unit testing is determining what code actually failed. The solution is to replace calls to the "real" objects with calls to replacement code that's so simple it can't fail. Typemock Isolator dramatically reduces the time required to set up these mocked scenarios."

Read the full review.
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