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  • Join our Webinar: Get Started Unit Testing C++ in Linux
  • Summer Reading
  • C++ Unit testing comes to Linux
  • Upcoming Events and Conferences
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Get Started Unit Testing C++ in Linux
Are you a C++ developer that develops on Linux or in embedded systems? Perhaps your team develops both in Windows and Linux and has had to use different solutions to test cross-platform?

With many mission-critical applications and applications that are under government regulation (such as medical, automotive, aviation) developed in C/C++, the stakes are high!

  1. How your multi-platform development team can use the same solution and API to test C++ code - existing or legacy code
  2. What you need in order to unit test
  3. How to test code that calls global, statics, and non-public functions
Every attendee will receive a FREE license of Isolator++ for Linux
and 2 people will also win a FREE Typemock t-shirt.
When? Tuesday, July 19
Time: 10:00 AM EDT / 3:00 PM BST (UK) / 5:00 PM Israel

Join us: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/687589306

If you're interested in getting started unit testing, or how to write better unit tests, join our webinar on Tuesday, July 26 at 10:00 AM EDT.
Summer Reading
The summer months are the time for catching up on your reading. It's also a great time to learn about how to become a better developer. Here are some of our summer reading recommendations:
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Try it Now: C++ Unit Testing Comes to Linux
After the success of Isolator++ in order to write unit tests for C++ in Windows, Typemock has also developed a new tool, using the same API, to do unit testing in Linux.

Isolator++ for Linux allows developers to write unit tests in C++ in many popular Linux distributions.

Isolator++ for Linux enables unit testing of any C/ C++ code (including complex code such as statics, globals and non-virtual method) by allowing the test to isolate their code, intercept and fake behaviors. The API is specifically designed to make tests more concise, more resistant to production code changes and easier to understand for new users which ensures that time is not wasted re-writing unit tests. Try it out.

Summer Events & Conferences
Below are just a few unit testing events and conferences taking place this summer.
  1. Michigan - Steve Bohlen, the Vice President of INETA, will be speaking at GANG, the Great Lakes Area .NET User Group on July 20. Typemock is a proud sponsor of GANG.
  2. United Kingdom - Richard Fennell will be speaking at the Southampton User Group, in Southampton England on July 21.
  3. Illinois - Candi Suriano will be speaking at the Software Development Community in Oak Brook, IL on August 7. Candi will be speaking about how her company saved money by switching to Typemock Isolator from Rhino Mocks.
  4. Alabama - Todd Miranda will be speaking about test driven development to the Huntsville .NET User Group on August 9.
  5. Australia - Typemock is sponsoring SharePoint Saturday Sydney on August 6. Typemock is also sponsoring additional SharePoint Saturday events in Canberra and Melbourne in the fall.

Know of something that we're missing? Want to speak at an event? E-mail avi@typemock.com

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