January 2011

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 Free Webinar: Getting started with C++ Unit Testing
 Latest Release: Announcing Typemock Isolator++ 1.1
 Typemock's User Group Contest
 Unit Testing News
Free Webinar: Getting Started with C++ Unit Testing
Isolator++ is a great tool for writing unit tests in C++.
And we want to help you get the most out of it with our Getting Started Webinar.

Typemock's expert Gil Zilberfeld will walk you through tips and solutions for common problems. Also, there will be an interesting announcement at the
When? Wed., Jan. 26, 2011, from 5-6 PM GMT+2:00
Who should be there? Any C++ developer
Why sign up today? Space is limited
Will there be prizes? Two participants will win a free Isolator++ license each!
Announcing Typemock Isolator++ 1.1
Isolator++ is maturing nicely. With version 1.1 we bring one of our core values to life in the C++ world: test anything without changing your code.

For example, we've removed the needless injection of macros in production code to make things testable.

And we've added an awesome feature: Returning by-ref parameters. Now you set values in faked methods, not just as return values but also as return parameters!
Agile, .NET or C++ User Groups can win sponsorship, product licenses and more
To show our support for the dev community, Typemock holds an-end-of-year contest for user groups worldwide with lots of great prizes. In addition to sponsorship of one meeting, each group can win a New Year's Agile Care Package including the grand prize of one full year of sponsorship plus Typemock Software License(s), the book 'Art of Unit Testing, the agile calendar, and T-shirts.

Rules are simple: group members download a free trial of Typemock Isolator and post a product review or a story about their Agile experience. The more downloads and posts from the group, the more points they get. The group with the most points wins. 

So let your group know... and it may be your group walking away with all the goodies.
Unit Testing News
Uncle Bob Martin recently posted about transformation priority in TDD. Uncle Bob, an agile manifesto original and a TDD proponent, suggests there's a logic in selecting the next refactoring step to make sure the design evolves. Selecting the wrong step can get you stuck, and may require you to overhaul the design.

While he doesn't have all the answers, he may be onto something. If you're interested in improving your TDD practice, it's a worthwhile read.
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